What our customers are saying...

I have used Easy Entrees for many years and highly recommend them.  They are very friendly, highly professional, and provide super delicious food!  I love the fact that all the meals are very easy to prepare and always tasty.  They also offer a delivery service to the surrounding Denver-Boulder metro area.  You can order the meals in 3 sizes, and the menu changes on a monthly basis.  Check out their site.  You'll be happy you did!  

Beth, Boulder                                          

I have to tell you that the Beef Wellington Valentine’s dinner was spectacular. The lobster ravioli were sublime. Will you ever have these ravioli as separate meals? I would buy them in a nanosecond. And the chocolate torte…what can I say? Again, Easy Entrees is truly the best! Thank you for consistently offering the most exquisite food.

Sonia, Parker

I am standing here cooking dinner and wondering why it was so much easier to get dinner on the table when we lived in Colorado. Then I remembered it was because of Easy Entrees!! I just wanted to give you a shout out for providing an amazing and much needed service. Keep up the good work!! I may not be able to benefit from your awesome service anymore, but I have no doubt you are making the lives of so many so much easier.

A, Washington

Easy Entrees has allowed me to put great meals on the table even when life is crazy. My family has now tried over 40 of the meals and we have been pleasantly surprised how much we have liked all of them. It has been great to move away from the usual rotation of meals I used to prepare and introduce the family to new flavors and different foods.  I have saved both time and money as I now visit the grocery store less, buy less when I do and don’t spend as much time preparing, cooking and cleaning up after meals. Also, some of the meals are very impressive making entertaining a breeze so I get to enjoy relaxing with friends rather than spending the evening in the kitchen.

Kate, Highlands Ranch

I’ve been meaning to call you ever since we returned from our trip.  Your food was a huge hit!  Everyone asked me to give you a 12 out of 10 for taste and convenience!  Having your prepared meals available during the week made such a big difference.  Thanks for all of your help in getting me prepared to travel with a week’s worth of meals. 

Diane, Denver